You Are The Miracle You've Been Waiting For!


        *     Certified Transformational Life Coach

        *      Certified Reiki Master

        *      Certified EFT Practitioner

        *      Meditation/Visualization Instructor

        *      Literary Consultant (from full-time author w/over 40  traditionally

                published novels covering several genres.)

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Using a webinar I created,Write Yourself Rich,  I will guide you to writing your best book and living your best life. Many of the same tools that help to create amazing characters work for helping us become better, too. We will work together, via Skype, Facetime, or over the phone, to work through the challenges and blocks between you and your dream and once done, I'll stay with you via monthly calls to make sure you stay on track for 90 days! Sometimes the truth isn't stranger than fiction. Sometimes, it's the same! Invest in yourself. You're worth it! 

For $299 (or $399 if installment plan is preferred) you get:


*   Two 90-minute one-on-one consultations

*   Step-by-step instructions on getting from brainchild to book shelf

*   Follow-up phone calls for a period of 90 days to help you stay on course

*   Professional edit of first 3 book chapters.


For more information, and a 5-minute FREE consultation to see if we're a fit, please fill out the form below. Remember to include your phone number so that I can give you a call!